This is a cross section of images that have all been shot as personal projects over the years.  The oldest was 25 years ago.

Time hasn’t changed what I think of them, though over time the tools of photography certainly have.

From a basic Pentax K1000 to Hasselblad loaded with TriX B&W Film, a Mamiya 645 on Velvia Transparency to a Canon 1D MK4.

I often look at these with great sentiment. After all, that is one of the great qualities of photography. To take you away to another place and time – to remember the past. To provide a pure piece visual pleasure, with no reason other than because it is.

As the rigors of running business can be all consuming, it is important to not lose the real reason the first frame was “clicked”.

Tomorrow I am going to shoot some more as part of a new personal project, albeit amongst all this work I have to do.

The rain may have played havoc with the timetable and resulted in some canceled events, but when racing got underway it certainly didn’t dampen the competitive nature of the 8.5k race to the Hawthorn rowing club. You can view images of the crews that did hit the water by clicking on the Recent Events link above.